Like me I'm sure many of you cannot quite decide just how to transfer your photos across to here, some want to duplicate their old f site, whist others want a different approach. Can I suggest you keep up to date with the ipernity team blog as they are constantly improving methods of transfer and making changes suggested by ex efers.
Rushing may not be the best way forward as these changes are implemented.
I've copied two headings from their blog, for me the transfer of albums (Sets) will be the most helpful.

"Help transferring Flickr photos:
-import of albums (in the course of next week)

New functions:
- possibility of combining albums (something similar to collections)

I have nothing but admiration for the people at ipernity, they listen, respond and generally want to help. Lets not make it another efer but something that's suits all, and thanks to all who have added me as a contact.
Happy posting