I’m not really into blogs, Facebook and have never seen twitter in use maybe an age thing I don’t know, but photo sharing has grabbed me a little, why have a shed load of photos sat doing nothing when you can share and share ideas with likeminded folk. I began at fotopic some years ago but in no serious way and on closure I had a rest before starting again on the F site starting from scratch not trying to replicate what I had before. I now seem to have settled into what seems like a good home and at the moment I am working out a strategy on what to do with the 700 photo’s loaded elsewhere. I’m afraid that bulk transfer will lead to overload and photos will simply sit unnoticed here in my new home in addition I intend to allocate all photos into a relevant Album(s) and add to appropriate groups which itself is not an easy task and made even more unmanageable if bulk transferred. My first uploads here were all done manually one at a time copying and pasting any relevant info, now after a few aborted attempts I have manage to transfer via the scripts developed by ipernity which brings across not only the photo but titles descriptions and an option to use original upload dates. To keep things manageable I will only use the transfer one a time script so the site will be similar to the previous but not a direct copy, to this photos may now appear as new uploads or be buried towards the back pages, the more transferred the more photos will mix between the pages. Even transferring singularly I may still transfer up to 20 within a day some with narrative that doesn’t quite work anymore being more relevant to its old home, therefore for a time things may appear a little un-orderly, but I hope to quickly return to sanity and welcome visitors new and old during the transition, if you see something you like please come back from time to time as there may be more ready to upload. I have no clear plan as what to bring over or when and I do intend to upload some new views in between the transfers, but in the meantime I have re uploaded a selection of views from the takeover of Bluebird Middleton by Stagecoach including the recent repaints, any comments and help gratefully received. Welcome.