For centuries we have expanded through the universe, claiming world after world.

But that will be all for nothing if we don't protect ourselves.

From all that threatens to destroy us.

We must obliterate our enemies.

Remove them from our realm.

Before they destroy us.

The invaders must die!

This is a MOC that I created because I wanted to give the Space minifigs from series 7 something to fight against. I wanted them to fight something that resembled the Xenomorphs from Alien and the Tyranids from Warhammer 40k. Most of all I wanted to monsters to have lots of teeth and claws :) I wasn't easy to select which colors to build the monsters in. I couldn't select the colors I wanted because the pieces I wanted to use didn't exist in those colors. Had also like to not use black at all, but I wouldn't be able to build want I wanted to build without using it, so it got to be one of the three colors on the monsters.

The environment is inspired by the Gothic and rust colored space settings you can find int the Warhammer 40k universe. I wanted to create a setting where the space guys didn't look to belong in. That, together with the eggs in the corner, was my attempt of making who invades whose home a little bit ambiguous.

Alternative angle

Bonus pic: A color scheme I decided not to use.