And the final verdict at Flickr is in:

According to Thea Lamkin and her Yahoo! corporate masters:

"To put an end to speculation, and to hopefully give some people closure, the old site is not coming back. However, we will continue to improve upon the new pages, from their usability to their overall performance. These changes will be made according to a balance of qualitative feedback and data, both of which we are monitoring closely."

And so my final verdict is in as well:

I am officially done with Flickr. I can no longer function in an environment such as that, nor do I feel that my photographs and material is safe there any more. So I promptly marched into the Ipernity membership center and effective immediately got myself a Club membership. Bonjour Ipernity, my new home! As soon as the migration is complete, I will be shutting down my account on Flickr. Notices will be posted to my viewers and contacts as soon as possible, and I hope I can continue to delight people with my images and continue to take my viewers on a visual adventure - now from Ipernity.

-Arek Wdowiak, aka AW Photography, aka AW Photoworks, aka the Scramble News Network