San Francisco Zoo: Prairie Dog, and Janet Has Officially LOST IT!! ipernity has a unique and wonderful feature that Flickr doesn't have, which is the ability to put a picture into a note! This can be really useful to show your viewers related images without making them go to another page.

Here's how to do it! :)

1) Go to the page with the picture you'd like to put a picture note on.
2) Open another tab, go to your stream on ipernity, and then to the picture you'd like to add as a note.
3) On the right side of the page, there is little bar which includes the Favorite star and sharing. Next to this is a link for "Other options": click on this dropdown and choose "Share HTML / BBCode".*
4) Copy this text and go to the picture you want to insert this note image.
5) Paste this code into a note on your picture.
6) You can type information above or below this image information if you like. When you're ready, click on "Save" to complete your picture note.

The method above doesn't always work because ipernity sometimes automatically alters the code and what you end up with is html code without the picture. It can also remove part of the imported code to break it even more. Annoying? Oh yeah! Here's the solution:

1) Keep the code you've copied and pasted on your clipboard while you're making your note. If you save it and it doesn't work, open the note and re-paste the code.
2) Delete the first string of text in the code which begins with "< a href and ends with " >"
3) The next string begins with "< img title " : delete the text from the word "title" to JUST BEFORE the letters "src". Make sure there is a space between "img" and "src".
4) Save your note! It should work just fine now.

Another thing: If you try to edit your note after you've fixed it, ipernity will most likely break the code and it won't show the picture, so you'll have to paste the code and fix it again.

If you have any other problems: Please drop me a note and tell me what your problem is! I want to make sure this tutorial works for everyone! :)

* If you are not a "Club" member, you'll need to rely on your Flickr account for this code. Open another tab, go to your picture there and grab the HTML/BBCode from the "Share" button on the lower right under your picture. Paste into your note on ipernity and you're set! :) Thanks to Pink Kat (Kate) for this work-around for those who don't have Club memberships! :)