Thank You All for 22k Visits!! I am bouncing up and down in joy because ipernity's Set Importer script works PERFECTLY for me! Absolutely fantastic news, it means that all the time I spent building sets of various things will now be a simple click to bring over! *snoopy dance* Very, VERY HAPPY!

Although I have only been on Flickr for a couple of years, I am a prolific photographer and have almost 4,000 pictures to keep organized. The thought of creating new sets of everything was completely insane, so when I found out ipernity was working on a script to import sets, I was elated! Today I found out it was available, I gave it a try on my 365 Alternate set and IT WORKED! HOORAY! House keeping is going to be so much easier, and now that I've started, I can't stop. It's also another thread cut in the frayed rope that's keeping me tied to Flickr! YES!

Here is the ipernity page with a link to the script: Import Your Flickr Sets to ipernity