Before I became confined to a wheelchair with MS, I loved to hike the hills in my beloved NW Washington. I studied native wildflowers, and I love good photography (member of Flickr since 2007). I went on many Ecology fieldtrips: all around Washington, south as far as Tiauana, north to Jasper/Banff. I've explored the west from Prince Rupert to the Mohave. I love reading: mysteries, memoirs, travel, science, poetry, nature essays, about anything that is well-written and hopeful. I don't read horror. Don't watch many movies; mostly documentary, nature shows; but I have gotten hooked on some good serials like West Wing and Downton Abbey. I have four grandchildren: toddler to teen. Right now I have no pet, but I've been owned by many animals over the decades: cats, dogs, horses, birds, deer and more.