I've had a lot of great comments already here at my new photo home which is fantastic. I'm slowly going through all my contacts photos (yes, EVERY photo!) and adding favourites as and when I particularly like something, but haven't added any comments yet. I SHALL do, but just going through each photo and adding faves is already a huge task (some of you have over 500 pages of photos. Not 500+ photos, but PAGES!!!) and if I was savvy enough to add comments as and when I started I would have done but it's too late to go back and start now when I'm already in the middle of this task. And of course when I keep adding new contacts when I see something I like on their profile, well the end of this Herculean task stretches further and further into the horizon!

But I do like adding a personal comment when something of note strikes me in a picture that I want to mention rather than just adding it as a favourite, so if you have added plenty of comments in my shots and feel I may be somewhat rude or remiss by not returning the favour, I promise you it's nothing personal, I WILL get to you all in time. I promise! :)