Music has always been one of my major passions, and over the last few years I've managed to combine my photography and music interests in the UK by attending mid-range music festivals and photographing them.

I've even become known by the organisers of one and been given access to the photographer's pit, which has been a lot of fun and helped me get some great shots. The only picture I've ever had published was from one of these festivals.

I've really missed this since coming to the US, and when my daughter mentioned last weekend that there was a festival today I checked my work calendar and leapt at the opportunity.

Unfortunately, the Warped tour has restrictions on the type of camera you can take in ('no professional cameras') and I didn't have time to try to persuade them to give me a press pass. So I had to take a point and shoot camera rather than the DSLR; one that I'd bought for the Latitude festival in the UK a couple of years ago (which had the same restriction). I struggled with this then, and this time was no different. I'm too used to holding the DSLR to my eye to be able to use the Live View efficiently, and I find that I can't hold it as steadily (even though it's much lighter).

Even so, I managed to get a few decent shots off before we gave up (my daughter's first experience of getting near the front of a real rock show, and it exhausted both of us very quickly in the sun). Let me know what you think.