So last weekend there was meant to be a group shoot in a junkyard. 9 hour-long slots on Saturday, 8 on Sunday. The idea was that you would book individual slots with different models, on a TFP basis (no payment for the models, but pictures provided).

Less than half an hour into the first session the owner turns up and kicks us all out. Apparently the organizer had arranged the shoot with a sub-lessee rather than the owner. Undaunted, the organizer said that there was a secondary place we could use and off we all trooped. A little over an hour later the police turned up. Apparently there had been a complaint of public nudity (presumably from a member of the public who had looked through the mesh fence). Five cop cars and a van turned up. Eventually they decided to let us go so long as we all left.

In a desperate bid to salvage something from the weekend, the organizer decided to continue at his studio. Most photographers and models had already left by the time that message got out, though. I skipped the rest of Saturday, but did go to the studio (and its surrounding areas) on the Sunday.

I've spent quite a bit of time this week processing these pictures (TFP takes precedence over workshops / paid), but they're now up in the different Junkyard albums.

It turns out that the organizer may not have paid a couple of the models who were around for both days and who had expected to be paid. Whilst the weekend resulted in some decent pics, I don't think I'm going to rush to another of his shoots.