i know the flickr 'feedback' thread has gone through the roof - i myself posted multiple times (and not all of it would be described as constructive! *blush*)

but i just wanted to say on this new message board we all seem to have (fun or what!) how nice it felt to comment in the ipernity welcome page! maybe let them see quite clearly just how many new flickr people are arriving from our little communities! let them know we are glad to have this (thus far) wonderful and exciting new playground!

also as a heads up to any existing ipernity members when they see all these strange pics and avatars popping up and are scratching their heads wondering what the heck is going on with 'the invasion of the dolls' *giggle*

i have gone from feeling jilted and down to now feeling excited with anticipation! admittedly i was feeling a little off flickr already and the change really was the last straw for me ... seven years of paid membership and they ... well we all know!

i am really looking forward to new horizons and inspirations here! and i have to say isn't it nice to see everyone being so united and positive and together? it seems like it's been a while!

here is the 'ipernity welcome' if you feel like sending them back some love too!