Hi Everyone!

Another former Flickrite here--I've decided to use Ipernity's "article" feature to describe my album layouts (or at least proposed album layouts) and organization, as they probably now look like an intimidating mess. I've been busy off and on the last few weeks moving everything over from The Other Place (and thanks again to the Ipernity Team for the set-import script!), but once I get everything set up here I look forward to interacting more with groups and my contacts. Pending the "folders" feature (equivalent to Flickr's "collections"), I'm trying to bring some order to my hundreds of albums by prefacing each title with a keyword that will flag its main folder. They're localities (often US states, e.g., Nevada, Utah) or subjects (Mining, Geology). Other descriptors then follow, often with some abbreviation so the title will fit in the alloted space. As I rename and organize each album I will put it in alphabetical order. It's a slow process, unfortunately, and will probably always be a work in progress. Albums named with just the date the pictures were taken are "holding" areas, and some pictures from them will eventually (!) get copied to albums with more descriptive names. Albums just prefaced with a decade (e.g., 1990s) are family'n'friends pix unlikely to be of interest to anyone else. In fact, all the albums are largely for archive storage, and pix I think others might like I'll post to groups.

So, all is chaos now, but one of these days--

I'll also have some thoughts on the Flickr Disastr at some point.