Well, what I (alas) figured would happen is happening--Ip is closing. Clint made a back-of-the-envelope financial analysis a while back that seemed to be right on--as it was. I still think Ipernity thoroughly botched a great opportunity. They had a chance to grow and achieve financial stability at the time of the massive Flickr exodus, but instead of rolling out a (figurative) red carpet they instead got all sidetracked into the silliness about "spam" comments, with the result that they drove lots of customers away. Then they compounded the idiocy by the flap about "political" commentary about a year ago, which amounted to taking aim at the _other_ foot. So now there aren't enough paying customers, to no one's surprise who was paying attention... At any rate that's all water under the bridge now (cue cliches about "opportunity lost" and so on). I will be delighted if they found a white knight to take over, but the chances seem exceedingly slim. At this point, I won't close my account yet, but I'm not going to be making any new uploads, either. No point in throwing good effort after bad... I have a presence on Flickr, under the same username, but Flickr is so cumbersome I doubt I'll be spending much time there. Maybe I'll just have to Get a Life--