Hi guys,
I was just wondering if someone can please explain to me what the format is on here for recent contact uploads???

When I look through my "friends/acquaintance" contacts to check for recent uploads it seems as though I have to sift right through the entire list so that I don't miss anything.
For example - I noticed new photo's a friend had posted waaaaay down the bottom of my friends list, after older uploads from others.

It is really hard to explain myself but yeh... I find it very confusing. Is there a better way?
Also I have my setting to view 5 uploads per person (but this setting seems to go back to the default of viewing 1 photo each time I check my Ipernity.)

Also there appears to be very little activity on here still... there still appears to be more action happening on flickr.... but I thought most people moved?

:) thanks for reading!