Harper's Bazaar Keanu There's something special in those old photos that over years and decade or more from its original black and white turns sepia color.
It's simply the stains of time, or we can say that is more the mark of past?
Going back in time with my mind i recall pictures of my grandparents, faces of relatives who have never met, in places where i have never been.
Photos lay on those bulky photo albums, some had even the front cover leather-bound.
They were there, all those faces staring at me and it was as if i get dragged back in time to the current year in which its were taken the photos.
We're talking about 40ies, 50ies and 60ies so plenty of time ago.
It's me, i always been vintage lover, the past to me had a strong influence even shoes that i wear, i like old style, round, tip or open toe, i am retro, sure.
Sometimes i have the feeling that i almost lost myself in sepia photos, i got lost in pages of those albums, and maybe i woulnd't have want to come back, but i did.
So here i'm, divided between digital art, Internet, social networks,mails, even friends are digital, and there's still a faint sepia light at the end of this technology's tunnel that caught me up.
My memories on sepia paper♦♦♦