desert  sfondo 3 $o this was a fast step from a long road.
I'm pretty new to Ipernity but it takes me a minute to get used to the new stuff, funcitions, and layout, i like it quite a lot, but it wasn't easy to me switch even if i did it fastly.
I never got used to change as in my life changes have never been in the positive way nor positive in general, this happens to flickr, where i came from and mostly know as the harsh, rude, honest, prickly $avage.
Well seems that this is a new start to me, and i hope to enjoy my journey better then what i did with my flickr experience, honestly in the past 3 years or so i got nothing than dramas and bad experience, also i've seen many people leave before the new layout change due to personal issue with bullism on flickr.
So my dear old and new friends this is a new end and an old start.
Somehow we should always start again?