Back in 2006 I started collecting Pullips, my first pre-order was RIDa, while my actual first to arrive Pullip was Assa. I never thought this would happen, but I'm finally falling out of love with the Pullip line. I guess it only took 7 years to do it. :(

There are multiple reasons why, and it's been a gradual thing. I grew bored of Pullip--her recent faceups have been lacking for me. Maybe for how many years it's been, I've seen something similar already. I didn't mind the change from Type 2 to Type 3, but when Type 4 came out I just couldn't bond with the new heads. The chin bothers me. So after a while, it just happened. It's time for me to say goodbye to collectng Pullip...

My attention turned to Pullips rival, Dal. After a while I bought as many Dals as I liked because they are small and adorable. And then I looked back at Pullip and you know what? Her head looked too big for me...which is strange... and she was too tall for me. What was going on? But even now, looking at my large Groove family I realize it's too much.

I try to take photos of them and I just can't get any love out of it. How did this happen? Today I laid all my Dals out to look at them and decide who I wanted to sell. It was sad and heartbreaking and yet I couldn't really come up with a reason to keep them. Even ones that I've had for a while like Tweety and ACR, I could see living without. :| And it was a weird feeling.

I'm not sure of my plans, but slowly I'll be trying to trim my collection in lots. I have too many accessories, furniture and clothing. My dolls don't want to travel alone either--at least not the ones I've bonded with. It's a weird feeling to want to want my girls to travel with a few of their things but of course that doesn't always happen. Anyway, hey--this is my first entry. Hey there! :)