This is a portion of the circuit that Cleco is rebuilding. It starts at the Cleco substation on East side of Eunice, and stretches to the south of the city and across the rice fields and Natural Gas plant to Basile, LA. It wraps around the west side of Basile and up north through the town. I'm not sure where it ends as I've never traced the entire circuit. The town of Basile is unusual as it runs on 34.5kv distribution circuits instead of using 34.5kv transmission to connect to a sub and reduce down to 13.2kv distribution as Cleco normally does.

The interesting thing about this is that Cleco seems to be going above and beyond for this upgrade. They have replaced 99% of the poles down this line, many of the corner poles have been updated with thick concrete poles. Many of the poles are being outfitted with double crossarms to support the new thick wiring.

The pictures I have taken are of the beginning of the circuit that is actually built as a double circuit. I was surprised to see that these were being built with concrete poles with very high shield wiring. The circuit closest to the road breaks off and heads into the city and it becomes in single three phase circuit.