If you care to read this, this is a little about myself:

I, too, am a Flickrite. I will remain on both sites, though, because I have contacts who post on exclusively one or the other.

I am from, and still live in, the frigid north that is Minnesota. I am currently in college. I had Barbies as a child and absolutely adored them--they were great friends. I had a blue period in which I got rid of all my dolls, which is something I truly regret. In the past couple of years, I have overcome my fears of prejudice by others for my interest in dolls and have started collecting. It's one of the best transitions that I have ever made!

I do only collect Barbie dolls. This isn't because I particularly dislike FR or other brands, but more because I really like Barbies and I want to focus on my Barbies. And I only buy the girls who I find pretty. Of course, that's many, many dolls...

Now I have a wonderful girlfriend who helps me with my fashion sense when dressing up my girls and who sews wonderful clothes for them and I have all my Flickr and ipernity friends! I couldn't be happier!

Ryan Heath