I am so excited to be almost healthy again after that outrageous two days of unending throat pain that I am re-examining my options and have decided that I don't have time to waste whingeing about fumblr and what morons they are anymore, so as soon as I can figure out how to do it (and whenever I work up the energy and interest) I am going to unsubscribe to Yahoo (always hated having to have an account with them to be on fumblr) and say my last goodbyes. Time to get off the fence and move. I am excited to be here and to have a fresh start. I'll be putting up pix I've never put up before and will be uploading a number of the pix I had posted before, but will hopefully be a little choosier about what I put up. It will take a while to get back some of the story associated with the pix, but that will come when it comes, if it comes. I am so excited to have a lot of you here from the other site, and I am delighted with the new acquaintances I have made so far. Thanks to all of you for the tremendous work everyone has done making this such a positive communal event!