I just switched to ipernity about a week ago after the debacle at flickr, and am trying to learn my way around the site. I have been checking out comments made by others on how to navigate around the site, and thought I would put up some possible ideas until the FAQs have been revised and published.

Please let me know if any of this is incorrect and I will change it, and if you have additional ideas/suggestions/comments, please let me know. I am happy to be here and want everyone else to have as smooth a transition as I did.


Latest Activity:

To see what has happened on your page since your last log-in, go to your home page.

At the top right is a little gray bar by your mail icon with your name on it. Click your name.

Go to "News" on the gray bar across the top.

If you click "In A Flash - Your Space" (top left, gray bar) it will show you all the recent activity on your site.

If you click "In A Flash - Your Visitors" (top left, gray bar) it will show you who all has visited your site and when they were there.

If you click "Family," "Friends," or Acquaintances," (left side, gray bar) it will show you the most recent activity for whomever you have relegated to whatever group. I have just gone ahead and called everyone a friend/family member for the time being.

If you click "Your Groups" (left side, gray bar) it will show you all recent activity in whatever groups you are signed up for.

If you click "Your History" (left side, gray bar) it will show you all recent activity for just about everything.


To view someone's Groups, go to the person's home page. Here is mine:


When you get there, at the top of the home page there is a menu bar that has the word Groups on it. Click on that and it will display the groups a person is in. Here's mine:


Then you can click on the specific group you want to look at.


If you want to see any pictures you have marked as favorites, go to your home page.

Click on the "Photos" button on the gray menu bar at the top.

When that page comes up, look at the bottom left and in blue letters toward the bottom under "See also . . ." click on "Your favorite photos."

Also see this link added by Linderesa:


Also see this link added by Phil:

Another hint....to see the "shooting Information" on the photo-page instead of having to use the drop-down menu, see here: