After leaving Uis, we continued to the north to Tandala Ridge, which is a birding/hunting (interesting combo) lodge just barely south of Etosha N.P. (we were obviously there for the birds). This was a very nice place, and we spent three nights and two full days there.
Below is one of the porcupines we say up close there:

We also saw several types of antelope and I picked up 26 new bird species, several of them regional endemics, during our stay there.
After Tandala, we headed north again to the famous Etosha National Park, where we spent two nights at Halali Camp in the center of the park. It was utterly fantastic for animals, as well as for birds. We saw hundreds of Springbok, Zebra, and Wildebeest, and tons of impala as well. But the real highlights were two lions and a leopard on our last morning in the park.

Through Etosha, we stopped for a night near Grootfontein, Namibia. Here we saw the world's largest meteorite, a huge 50-ton piece of iron (also Swainson's Spurfowl and Marico Sunbird).

I'll post part three I get there, and I'll add more photos to this article too.