Hi guys!
This is my first time writing on the article feature here on ipernity.
This weekend I went hiking up Mt. Kinsman in the White Mountains of New Hampshire to participate in a survey on high-altitude birds. Here in the white and green mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire we have quite a few species of birds special to the tops of mountains, including the Bicknell's Thrush, above. We had six spots along the trail up Kinsman, and at each one we had to stop for tweny minutes and listen to the calls we heard in the area. We would them mark on our sheets what species were in what directions. We also had to count the number of cones on the spruce and fir trees in the area, because the more cones there are, the more red squirrels there are, and red squirrels are a predator of the nests of Bicknell's Thrushes.