I'm now starting to wonder if all this is worth the effort. I've just had a quick look through Flickr as i've had a few notifications from people looking at whats on my stream. I still don't like the layout of the new Flickr though my stats are on the rise from what they were when the changes were first thrust upon us and are more or less back to what could be described as normal levels, not bad for saying I haven't uploaded anything there for weeks!
Although I like the layout on here I really don't have the heart to start all over again. I had amassed just over 9000 images on Flickr and starting again from scratch really doesn't appeal, neither do I have the time on my hands to do it.
Although I have been busy with my camera over the past week or so and I have a number of slides that are scanned and ready to go I think its time Zippy called it a day. The six years on Flickr and the three previous to that on Fotopic were fun, but as already mentioned I really don't have the time or the heart to do it all for a third time.