When I started photography at 8, I always dreamed of someday owning a Leica camera. Life went by and I spent most of my money on my family and supporting them.

Back in 2007, while complaining about not having the right gear to pursue street photography my wife asks me what I need. My reply? A Leica. Thought it was totally unreasonable to even suggest I get something for myself. It would be way too expensive, and besides, I've lived this long without one, I didn't really need it.

Well, to my surprise my wife, the smartest person I know, says, "Why not get one? Your dad was dead by the time he was your age. You can't shoot with Leica when your dead. What are you waiting for?"

So I got one and absolutely love it to this day. It wasn't about owning the camera. It was about using the right tool for the right job.

Well, today I feel incredibly lucky as an interview I did with The Leica Camera blog was posted today. Here's the interview...


Please believe me when I say I never, ever, thought this would happen to me. I feel so honored and lucky to be able to share this joy and passion of mine with so many others. This was not possible just a few short years ago.

Best regards,