I'm new here at ipernity, a refugee from flickr (haha). I'm not a total convert yet and won't be uploading all of my flickrstream images here just yet. I may just start a new stream for this site since I am still so tied in to flickr that it's hard to leave it all behind so drastically. I'm really loving the wonderful spacey layout here and so delighted to see so many of my favorite dolly contacts migrating here as well. While it's true, I love my dolls, I would say that my love of photography in general is what draws me to this community. From there it branches out into my love of art, creativity, craftiness and handmade art, architecture and so many countless forms of visual media and expression. So my work here will reflect all of that and I live to be inspired by the aspects of my passion which I see reflected in the work of others that touches me singurlary.

Thank you for visiting.
: )