Hello All!

I wanted to share this information I stumbled upon yesterday viewing a thread of Flickr comments. The idea of having to migrate photos from out Flickr accounts to our Ipernity accounts is stressful. And this thought has discouraged many from opening an account on Ipernity. BUT THERE IS A WAY TO TRANFER EVERYTHING IN JUST A SHORT WHILE! I did it yesterday in just a few minutes. I couldn't believe that minutes later I had my account all set up with dates, tags, descriptions and even privacy settings!!! AMAZING! All thanks to the chrome-script transfer in bulk.

Just click below and follow the directions. I'm a total technotard so If I could do it, anyone can: www.ipernity.com/apps/gm

If you are looking for a good old-fashioned way of looking at photos without the Marissa Mayer approach have a look at this: