Or a hobbyist, like I would rather call myself, than photographer. I use term photographer quite losely here, as I have no education along those lines, I'm completely self educated when it comes to photographing and editing.
I've always loved pictures. Pictures of any kind. Be they painted, drawn or shot with a camera. I was always very sad, that I can't draw to save my life! Hopeless. I can just about create a recogniceable shape with a pencil, but that's about it.
When I found cameras, that was whole world opened up to me. I could finally express myself by imagery! I didn't have to be sad about not being able to draw anymore. I could compose, colour and choose my subject every wich way I liked! I haven't been in the world of digital photography for very long yet, only just over 5 years. But the love I have for it has only grown over that time and I don't think I will ever be able to put my camera down again, at least not for a very long period of time :)
So, strengths?
Well, I'm sure everyone who knows me even a little bit, knows my obsession about flowers in photography :) I love flowers, every colour and shape, so I think it's quite natural that a huge part of my photos picture flowers. And it took me quite a while to learn to give myself any credit, but I think I'm quite ok as a flower photographer. I love shooting with natural light and be it cloudy, rainy or sunny, I don't remember any single picture where I'd have used a flash of any kind, or a reflector. That limits inside photography a little bit, but so far I've managed even that without any extras. And as editing tools advance, they give me a lot better ways to edit my shots afterwards and possibly put right the wrongs lack of light might have caused in the initial situation. But yes, if I have any say in it, outside is my favourite place for photography!
Heavenly pink

I also love shooting portraits. People as species has always fascinated me. I'm not an awful lot into wedding photography, but the few weddings I've done, I've had a lot of positive feedback. I've also done a couple of portrait sessions, one for a family and one for a girl who turned 21. That's what I really loved. No pressure and free choise of venue and much more relaxed techniques!
My dream for my future would be to do that kind of "work". I used the "" because I'm not aspiring to turn my photography hobby into a job. I would just love to be able to shoot some sessions with people, maybe families, single models or even bouduar shoots!

I love photography, simple as that. And that love for it is, I think, my biggest strength. I see beauty everywhere I look. This hobby gives me so much! I know the equipment is important (but not as important as some people seem to think), but the vision and will, those are even more important. If you love what you do, you have a much greater chance to succeed and produce good results. I wanted to write this article just so if someone is interested to know more about me as a person behind the pictures, then maybe this helps in that a little bit :)
Please, feel free to leave a comment below and tell me about yourself as a photographer, if you like! I would be interested to read it :)