I don't normally show the same images on ipernity as flickr. I have shared some favourites that have been seen on my vast flickr account, but in general I will only show images that are on ipernity in comments over at flickr. Today, at the same time, for a bit, both accounts had my spring time collage at the top. There will I think be a few from my trip to Cornwall // Kernow that are public on both accounts. This whole dual personality is curious and at times difficult, but so many of my long terms contacts have not moved to ipernity. I often use photography - the taking of images & the looking at others' images - as an important part of my day. I am a visual artist [despite now working with language], it is my favourite form of communication - it keeps me sane, it helps me through difficult times. For this reason the changes over at Flickr have been really difficult to deal with; how it looks and how slow it is [and yet suddenly looking through my archives is now faster] have taken the joy from using it. A handful of my favourite photographers are only here on ipernity so I want to be here too, I have made some new contacts and found old contacts, also one or two via twitter - having a strop about flickr. And of course I have made new contacts.