Tonight, my cousin and I were chatting about this flickr-ipernity madness. I admitted, ever since our community has scattered between both sites, it feels strange. I still visit flickr everyday to see what's being posted there, but it just doesn't have the same warmness to it as before. This place has it's share of negative association as well.. with the very unwarm welcome the doll community has received from a handful of regulars.... and it's making me feel kind of internet-homeless at the moment. I'm not as excited to browse around, and dont feel the need to check my activity and updates 100000x a day like I did before. (wait, maybe that's a good thing? lol)

My cousin works with computers, and he has friends who can design sites.. I told him we need our own site, and this is what it needs to be like:

- similar to old flickr layout, (or better, more to our liking)
- but with a marketplace for buying/selling .../feedback section/ etc, etc
- like Flickr/BK/DOA/combined.. and throw in ipernity blog feature too maybe ;-)
- chat
- A place for ALL dolls!

I just wonder how hard or simple it would be to do something like this. Make OUR OWN PLACE... For now it's just wishful thinking, but I am going to keep bugging my cousin about it, and duscuss it more.. maybe someday it will become reality ;-)