Is getting views on your photos... a lot of them.... and fast!

So, I already have about 400-500 contacts here on ipernity (since the last time I checked). But oddly enough, my photos here dont have nearly as many views on them as they do on flickr. I will post a pic here, and it'll take a whole day to reach 10 views or something like that. Whereas on flickr, it has 10 views in a matter of seconds.

Not that I care to be seen for the sake of being seen or anything, but if I post something, be it for sale, or for reference, updates, etc.. It's important to me that people receive that information.

I havent posted any new material or updates here yet, but I'm afraid if I do no one will even see them, so I must upload onto flickr and FB to get the job done.

I guess people are still getting used to navigating this site. But I also think that the way the contacts recent uploads are laid out is not the most effective. On flickr, you can see new pics immediately as they are being uploaded. But here, it seems a couple contacts pics will linger on the 'what's new' section for a while. So we keep seeing the same thing for hours and hours... Granted, you can just click on 'see more' and it will lead you to the rest of the recent uploads.. But I wonder if this one extra 'click' is keeping people from checking what else there is to see?

I think I got very spoiled with the old flickr home page. All the main activity was in one place, and it was so easy to browse, navigate, and see everything. Now with the new flickr, there are one too many 'clicks' involved in order to make things comfortable again. I didn't want to deal with it, so I came here and tried this place out.. Now I'm realizing there's one too many 'clicks' involved here too!! I admit, since I joined this site, I havent really looked at others photos much. Yet, I still go to flickr to see contacts uploads. I wonder why that is? Does anyone else do the same, and why is it this way?

However, my articles have tons of views, just not my pics. xD ...can you say 'best feature on ipernity so far'