Well with all the new changes with Flickr it's been annoying but I have started to be able to navigate a bit better but to me it seems like there are extra steps to get were I want to go. It may just be me. I think change is good but if it's not broken why fix it? I know I'm not the only one thrilled about flickrs new look. Maybe they will hear us out and revert but I'm not holding my breath on it. Sometimes good things don't last forever either we accept/adapt to the new or just leave it and go for something that we are happy and comfortable with. It's our choice thank goodness :)

On ipernity I'm still learning slowly since I'm hardly on here. I have to admit though it is much easier on the eyes for me. It's nice to start fresh and see more of my friends from the Blythe community coming to ipernity. I go between flickr and ipernity. I still am in the learning stages and with time maybe I'll let flickr go and stay on ipernity or vice versa or just have both...ugh the UGLY trying to make up my mind! the BAD...too many social media sites to keep up with. Also now having to transfer all my pictures from flickr to ipernity.

Last but not least the GOOD is still being part of a community that share the same love of Blythe and not just blythe but the amazing pictures that I can see and admire. So much talent out there. It's nice that there are places to show and tell.

I know in time things will become routine and I will be able to nagivate with my eyes shut but for now I'm learning something new.