I'm getting all things ready for my Dolly Diorama projects, and making collages really helps me keeping my toughts where they should be ^_^
Not spending too much time in the web when i have all i really need to give it a kick off.
Tomorrow i'm off to the Anual book fair here in Lisbon and will try fo fing some really old musical staff.
I will also get a musical instrument in a nearby store to match Blythe scale.
I think i can even fing some tiny little books with music related things in the fair.
I promisse to show you all the findings once i get them.

I already have all the wood related materials ready to be worked, except for a bookshelf that i will need to find or create ^_^.

The doll is quite ready also, all i need is to adjust here and there some tiny little things on her face-up.

I still have to think about where and how i will place her stand as i don't want it to be visible in the diorama hummmmm...... well i'm excited