For those of you that know my work till now, i've been experiencing customizing dolls since 2010, but i started accepting comissions since 2011.
These two last years have been very fullfilling in many ways. I found amazing people in the hobby, i learned new techniques and started using new tools.
What many of you do not know is that this works makes me fly away from all the hell around, i focus on my work and i really feel fullfilled doing it.
It is what i wish i could do forever, and not only as a hobby.
But, unfortunatelly i cannot. I have to endure the everyday work because i do not live alone, i need to pay my bills etc...

The comissioned work on the dolls worked for me, untill i started to have less time available to do it. Also it came to a point that i started to feel overwelmed with so much work.

I feel a bit tired of trying to be happy doing what i like in only a couple of hours or so, i need to let my creativity out in some way, that's why i love to experience all kinds of materials and things.

With the 'Blythe world' i can do that.

Some time ago i started noticing that for some reason my 'mojo' was going away.
I stopped a little to think about it and try to figure out why was that happening now !

I found that i needed to create my own signature, my own things, in my own time.
I need freedom to let my imagination migrate to my hands and create what i invision.

So, i'll be finishing my commission work and then i will dedicate myself to my PowderPuff Dolls project allong with my friend Carla, and finally also start to create my Dolly Diorama girls, it is a project i invisioned since i first started this hobby. So i will be creating a whole world in diorama/scenary for each doll i will create, and try to engrave all my good mojo and healthy energy in each project, so everybody can enjoy it as much as i will.

I hope i didn't scared you with this image. Do not worry, i'm ok.