Yesterday , I check my flick'r page as usual I found that they had changed everything in the layout. I know many of you have an account so you know what I mean.

It's all black, it is not clear and more is a very long display.

Like most people I do not like change, especially when I have not been informed of such a radical change. The last surprise I found myself in anger because I had to renew my annual abonement and if I had known that before I'll probably do not do it.

I think from the time I pay the right to supply this site I have the right not to be made before the fact, or at least have a choice, like everyone of us.

Yes, my reflex was to chuck everything, so I opened an account on Ipernity which I think is a clone of the old version of Flick'r I loved so much.

Today I am sad of that!

I really hate this new flick'r or I do not recognize me at all but I have so many pictures, comments and shares. It was a bit of a 2nd virtual home. I spent so many hours. Today feel like if that my landlord is back home in my absence to redo all my interior design without telling me. I do not feel at all at home.

The worst is that on Ipernity either because the idea all over again, leaving behind five years Flick'r well it scares me and I think it unfair.

There was a mass migration of a lot of members of the Blythe community Ipernity so hopefully a bit of a new beginning again.

In the meantime I keep my account Flick'r until the end of my subscription, but for now I have no desire to go. It upsets me too. What unpleasant feeling of loneliness and misunderstanding.

And you, what is your opinion?

Sorry for my bad english! U_u

LOVE! <3