To see new photos from your all your contacts, you just need to go NEWS and then choose IN A FLASH from the left hand side. Then you should see boxes with "FRIENDS", "FAMILY", "ACQUAINTANCES" and across the top of the box you will see the words SEE MORE. Click that and then you will see newest photos from that designation and in the upper right hand corner there is a drop down box where you can choose to see either 5 per person or 1 per person, as it was on FlickR :0)

To see all new comments after you've commented on a photo or in a guestbook, etc, click on YOUR HISTORY in the column on the left hand side.

OR instead of using the IN A FLASH option, you can just click on "FAMILY" or "FRIENDS" or "ACQUAINTANCES" listed in the column on the left hand side of the screen, then again look for the drop down box that gives you the option of showing 5 photos from each of your contacts (like FlickR) and then you can scroll down the page and it will show you knew photos posted from the designated contacts, scroll further and it shows new albums posted, scroll further and it shows new articles posted.