When I got into this hobby one and a half year ago, I quickly made a mental list over the dolls I wanted to collect, a wishlist. I planed to stick with it, but as many newbies I went a little overboard in the beginning^_^ Lately I have managed to downsize the dolls and the sunderies to the basic stuff I wanted from the start. I even payed for one of my grail girls just by selling all that other stuff (why didnt I just save up and get her rightaway?). And I'm happy to see that I have now collected almost everything on my list!

The old the list:
-Melacacia custom
-Blond sidepart Kenner
-Vainilladolly nomad
-Sammydoe custom
-Marzipanda custom
-Lawdeda middie
-Melacacia dress

Except from the first two, I own or have owned everything on the list (some just didnt work out). So its time to make another list right?

The new list:
-Melacacia custom
-Blond Kenner
-Lati white Sp mystic
-blond scalp of any sort
-Icantdance rainbowhoodie
-TheDollyWardrobe dress

These are still on the fence:
-Lati yellow batchildren Noa
-Lati yellow fox Lea
-Kittytoes calevara

There, thats me:) I'm going to try and stick to it as best I can:)
What is on your list?