I could have thought of a better title for this article , and an article which I have been putting off writing since being a member of ipernity , basicly had better things to do with my time , IE : Photography and all related things to do with Photography , which is my Pure Love and passion . One of the main reasons for joining and participating in a photo sharing site , is just that , share with like minded people , my work , your work , be inspired perhaps inspire others , learn and share . see the world from my armchair, places that I can only dream of getting to visit . this like others was achieved and a great joy on " the Flickr of old " friends and contacts made , participating in a vast array of fun groups , being part of a healthy community spirit , until we had the major changes to Flickr and totally destroying what had been built up over years. hence finding Ipernity , a nice refreshing change , some good people on Ipernity, and sadly discovered in the early days some not so good in the minority I might add ! short of pitchforks by those few who led the witch hunt on the anti icon crusade , the interpretation of " Spam " apparently is concluded that is what Groups icons are ? which I find odd in it's self , although there were quite a few groups here on ipernity , the majority see little traffic , and few commenting , and unless you searched for these groups you would not know they existed , Hence various new themed groups being set up , with the addition of small discreet optional award icons , along with the optional text version to use instead , groups that I Admin , do promote the use of commenting and give the option to also use the awards too if they wish , not compulsory , not dictating to use these either , but by doing so , would help promote the group and hopefully encourage more like minded members , this also has the benefit of building the community fun spirit , now without some form of identifiable award icons for groups , then we are left with a " Groundhog day " photo sharing site , same comment code , just under a different group banner , so we may as well dispel with groups altogether really and just have 1. and call it "Sheep in the Dark" or a true freedom of choice and stand up for these groups whose Admins have devoted time to help make ipernity a better place with plenty of variety . for the use of those who get fun and enjoyment from such groups along with fun competitons