It appears to me that we are witnessing history in the making regarding the sudden and unwanted revamp of Flickr .
I along with many loyal and some paying for membership to Flickr , have basicly been shafted , with the decision to " upgrade the site " ( now that's a laugh ! )

The forums are full of negative reviews, none that are really being either acknowleged or addressed , this is not acceptable in any way , considering the fact that , it is the members who over years , have built up Flickr to what it is or was , a place for photographers , who love photography ,who want a place to share there work , knowledge , whilst forming new friendships , thus forming a whole community . this sadly has all been destroyed through there actions .

Just recently I along with a good team of people met through Flickr , set up a group called Vigilant Photographers Unite .

( Link Here : , )

There was a hurried need for such a group to be set up , due to another fellow photographer , who's work was stolen via there stream !!
not just stolen , but there watermark removed , then posted on to a Facebook Gallery ,
amongst a vast collection of works , with the addition of a replaced watermark !!

Over a pretty short period of time and through the collective efforts of our team and members , the " Image bandit " was caught , the various facebook accounts closed , and also as far as I am aware was prosecuted through the Italian Law system , ironicly !!

I say ironicly , the " thief in question " was working under an alias name , but the name he was using , is of a True Italian Photographer of the same name , so this became identity theft also !!

Our membership has grown steadily and has proved popular , Fellow Photographers are posting more work with watermarks now and also at low resoloution , plus more alert ( Vigilant ) whilst at other websites spotting known stolen work !!

We would like to continue this work and hopefully through Ipernity at some time in the future .

If it was not through the Blatant method of Flickrs Bad management along with totally wrong design decisions . Ipernity may not have been discovered ?
from what I have seen so far of this " Photo sharing site " it has incredible potential and could well prove to be the leader at a rapid pace , as it seems to me there will be a mass Exodus from Flickr to Ipernity .

For me personally I hope that some of the elements of flickr will be seen here . IE . group's set up , awards etc , the reason being from my POV , is this is an easier way and faster method to build up contacts along with friendships , thus building up the community spirit .