I've got lots of problems to deal with lately, and besides the constant remodeling work, the internet joined in to help make things even more annoying. My computer has been running very slow to not running at all. When I wanted to upload or look at pictures, I spent most of my time waiting for something...anything, to happen. I finally found out that the cause of it all was the modem. Yesterday, nothing worked at all online, and we bought a new modem and hooked it up, but nothing worked either. We called for service and someone is scheduled to come over and look at things this morning. I managed to get my computer up and running though, and it works great! Everything pops up superfast now. I'd love to spend all day on the computer, but it's new cabinet day for the kitchen and I'll have to help with that instead.

I went to the Veteran's Day Parade yesterday, but used my old camera instead of my new one. I went an hour early to wander around and take photos of the people arriving for the parade, and those setting it up. It was cold and we had a heavy downpour of wet snow, which made for some great shots. I only used my telephoto zoom lens for everything and I liked the results.

Since I couldn't get online yesterday, I spent hours reading the manual for my new camera. Man...that thing has so many things to push, click, turn, and fiddle with, I doubt I'll ever know what it's all for. I do have some of the basics figured out and experimented with it a bit in my room just to practice. And, I studied some of the new functions I want to use that my old camera didn't have on it, plus the video which I also didn't have. Now...if I could only get out of the house and go play!