For anyone who cares. This week begins our kitchen remodling and today we tore out all the old kitchen cabinets. I need to wash and repair drywall, then paint before laying a new floor and having new cabinets installed. Lots of work, and time consuming. Also....I got my Christmas Present delivered today by UPS! I was thrilled, but somewhat intimidated by my new camera and associated items. I'm actually going to read the directions/instructions this time, and maybe watch the DVD they sent with it. The instruction manual seemed to be about a half inch thick! I thought it probably was divided into sections with various languages....but nope, it was all in English! I think it's going to take me a while to figure it all out. Oh, it's a Nikon D-7100. I took some pics opening up my package, so I guess I'll post a few for those who may be interested to see it.