It's Sunday, 6th of October, and a warm sunny day, t-shirt weather. The snow is shrinking, through melting at the bottom, and evaporating from the top, but there's still huge drifts and I've been shoveling blocks of super heavy, water laden, snow since 7:00 am., and just taking a break now at 12:43 pm. I did have to drive across town earlier this morning to take Chong to work. She wasn't going to go, but the guy that's there now, has been stuck there since last Thursday night, and she felt bad for him, even though it's not a real good idea to travel just yet. But, I'm an excellent driver and took her there and made it back home to continue shoveling. I sure could have used some help, but I'm the Lone Ranger without a Tonto. I guess if I felt more religious I'd put it as, the Lord helps those who helps themselfs, except I am helping myself and he isn't, or perhaps in some mysterious way I'm not able to fathom, or appreciate. Of course, none of this deters me from taking photos of it all, and I got plenty, but can only put up so many at a time since I got a lot more work I "have" to do. You might think that the fast melting snow is a good thing, but it's not if it floods my basement. I've been through that before too. I don't have a sump pump, but I do have a hole for one. I need to empty the damn closet to get to it, and if it has water in it, then it's bucket brigade time for me, and I'll have to stay up day and night putting buckets in it, then hauling it back outside to pour in the yard...over, and over again, until everything returns to normal. I really don't want to have to do that. And to top it all off, the floors still aren't done, and the guy can't work on it today because of the snow! I sure liked life a lot better when all I had to do was come here and post/look at pics, and comment, or respond to comments. Life has changed, but in time I'm sure things will get back to being more to my liking. Bear with me on this, I'm not ignoring anyone, I'm just shy of time at present. I'm only putting my stuff up in case anyone is interested in seeing what a crappy time I'm having, but I'll be back.