It started snowing on friday morning, the 4th, and at 10:17 am., all the power went out. Everything in my house is electric, even the heaters, and it got pretty cold as time passed. It got dark too, but I got out my red lantern and filled it with lamp oil, so we could see. I got out my coleman camp stove, and fortunately I had a brand new bottle of propane gas for it, so we could make some hot meals. It snowed heavily and the winds were gusting to about 50 mph., making huge drifts during the night and howling like demons in the otherwise absolute stillness. It is surprising how much sound there is in the house, that we normally don't notice at all, until the electrical power goes out. On saturday morning, 5th of October, I couldn't open any of the doors to get outside, just a crack that I couldn't fit through. So, I turned on the camp stove and cooked us up some bacon and eggs and had breakfast. I had wanted to go out in the night and early morning to take some photos as the storm progressed, but feared the cold, not so much because I fear cold, but more because I'd get all wet and had no warm house to return to. But shortly after breakfast I just went back to bed and slept until around noon or so, then got up and dressed. I got down low and put my shoulder to the front door and pushed until I could squeeze through it and began to shovel. A huge drift over 5 feet high was off to the west, parallel to my front sidewalk, and I appreciated that because I only had to shovel out a few feet of snow to get to the cars. It was hard work, but I got it done and Chong's car wasn't snowed in very much, so I told her to take our cell phones out to her car and charge them in there...both had died, and we didn't have any power in the house. Then I walked around in the snow to take pics around the area of my house. After that I got to shoveling the tons of snow off of the deck in back and the rear sidewalk, which took a while, but it wasn't freezing out, and I think the temp was in the 40's. Though it was windy, it didn't feel cold and I didn't even need a coat. I got all done with that major project and sat down to have a smoke and watch Chong make some Ramen Kimche soup. She got it made and sat down to eat and all of a sudden the power came back on. I scared the crap out of her when I screamed..."The INTERNET! Let's get back on NOW!" She started laughing. The power had been out a little over 29 hours, but we were sure glad to have it back on. That was only an hour before I wrote this. So, if you noticed my absense recently, that's why. I'll put up some pics to show you.