I like this *article* feature we have here on ipernity. It's interesting to read what people are thinking about and doing. It provides some insight and understanding about others that you can't get, or get only in fragments, from viewing their photos and reading comments and descriptions. I think I might use it more often.

I've been reviewing my old photos I have saved on flash drives and decided I wanted to post them here. All of them were on my flickr site, and are still there last time I checked, but on flickr I posted almost everything, every photo, I took; people who know me from flickr can vouch for the truth of that. I decided that's overdoing things a bit and don't want to do that here and will cull them a bit and re-edit them with ipiccy, which is a much better program than picnik, that I originally used, which is why I don't want to simply import my old ones from flickr.

I also know some people look down on people who edit photos, and refer to it as *tweaking* which has the negative connotation of dishonesty, or somehow cheating. To each, their own, I say...if anyone doesn't like it, nothing requires anyone to look. But, in my view, I like doing it even when it's not needed for any real purpose other than killing time, and as a part of the process of enjoying myself with my photos. It's fun. I'm not real big on technical aspects of photography and still don't know many things about how my own camera functions. One of the problems I have is that there are too many functions on them and many rarely used, and I suffer from some short term memory loss. I can read the manual, and practice a few times, but soon can't remember what I just read or practiced. If I don't use the function all the time I soon forget that it even exists, much less how it worked. That's great for Louis L'Amour western novels, because I can reread the books and they're like reading a new book, but it's not real helpful with operating any sort of equipment.

Anyways...I'm going to be putting up some of my older pics as well as more recent ones. I think that was my point...if I even had a point. I can't remember now :(