Moving to Ipernity has inspired me to go back and look at all my Flickr photos. All 4,000 of them. I am working my way forward from when I first joined Flickr in 2006. OMG what was I thinking on some of them? I have already deleted around 30 which quite frankly were appalling. I quite often over sharpened and over saturated. In my defence this may have had something to do with both my camera and the computer I had at the time. I have noticed there is a difference even now between what I see on my monitor at home to the monitor at work. The other thing back then is I was totally unware of picture sizes so everything I have on Flickr for the first couple of years is tiny in size, which is a shame if I ever wanted to blow something up. However, at least I do have photos to access. A few years ago my pc got a serious virus which resulted in me losing everything. Thank goodness I had put my "best ones" on Flickr. Once I have sorted the "wheat from the chaff" regarding my photos I shall move them across to Iperntiy and also download them onto an external hardrive for safe keeping. A really massive job, but I'll feel safer than way.