I’m always thrilled when someone asks me to share a picture with a group, meet new friends, share and receive comments.
So, yesterday, I received a request from the group “Cars Boats Trains and other transport “ prompted me to share an MC- picture (I think).
Anyway, all was well. Until this morning, I received two mails.
The first:
From Rob Leslie: “Reposting
I removed you from the Cars boats etec group for reposting photos. That is removing them and reposting to the front again

I also see you have done the same on another group.

The second email regarding my “unforgiveable actions”:

From: ipernity (Monday July 1, 2013)
Subject: You are removed from the group Cars Boats Trains and other transport

Hello Roger Mathisen,
You have been removed from the group Cars Boats Trains and other transport.
This decision may constitute a first warning or maybe you don't have any more activity in this group?
Anyway you'll always have the possibility of joining again this group.
If you wish to get further explanation about this decision we suggest that you contact one of the administrators of Cars Boats Trains and other transport.
Note: ipernity is not involved in administration of Cars Boats Trains and other transport. Its only role consists in informing you.
My reply to the three administrators of the group, including Rob Leslie:

Rob Leslie, I have no idea what you are talking about.
June 30th, I responded to a request to share a picture to your group. I joined the group, then shared the picture.

What you are implying sounds ridiculous and insulting. Photography is a dear hobby of mine, and I have no interest in wrongfully self promotion or dirty tricks of any kind.

Please share with me which picture(s) you are referring to and which other group and picture(s) I am supposed to do this horrible action to.

Roger Mathisen
Rob Leslie’s reply:

Re: Reposting

I am sorry but I have to act on the complaint sent to me.

A long standing member who I know because they are a Friend and contact complained and sent me details that appeared correct.

Ipernity is a small site and complaints are often made, this somtimes gets on my nerves as all i wish to do is post my photos.

The fact is I have to go along with a member who I know rather than somebody I have never had contact with.

To be honest you will find only a few well estabished members take any notice of groups so you have not lost much.

Wow, an admin from a group saying:
"To be honest you will find only a few well estabished members take any notice of groups so you have not lost much."


My reply to all three of the administrators:

Thanks for replying.
I need details to be satisfied with your reply.
If you blindly act on somebody's complain without even let me know the details, I don't think you can function as an administrator of a group at all.

Please refrain from excuses, and tell me the details what I've done, what picture(s) is/are involved and when I did this.

So, give me the ".. details that appeared correct." so I at least can try to avoid something similar in the future.

Thanks in advance
Roger Mathisen
That's the story so far.
I may be blowing this out of proportions, but I really find this whole incident ridiculous, condescending and quite insulting.
All this because a "whistleblower" is a friend and has to be blindly trusted?
No warning, no explanation other than some general mumbo jumbo, and kicked out I was.
Any group's administration behaving like moronic bullies should state this in the "Join this group" page so I can stay far far away from them.
You would think a 137 persons group would try to keep their members rather than kick them in the butt.

I don't need this.
To be continued, I suppose.......