My brother in law turned 60 1'rst of June.
As I'm on the other side of the Atlantic, we tend to just say "Hi, congrats" and move on when the subject is birthdays.
But this time I thought I'd do something more, like sending him a little something together with a selfmade card, printed just minutes before shipping.
Or so I thought.
My Canon Selphy CP510 treated the picture twice. And then it stopped. Something about the ink needed to be replaced.
To be frank, whenever I have used the printer, it has worked absolutely fabulous. It's been so much fun see the paper go through once, twice, three times and then getting the clearcoat, and out comes a fabulous print, waterproof and perfect.
So what's the holdup?
I replaced the ink cartridge, made sure it was enough paper, tried again, and......
I shook it a little and noticed a little sound. Some more shaking, and a little gear dropped from within the mighty little printer.
Getting a proper (long story really) screwdriver and get the printer open for inspection revealed the spot for the gear. (Just before I was about to give up.)
Did it make the printer work?
So I gave up.

My new Selphy CP900 should arrive Tuesday.
I'll start using it more often. Probably send a printed picture to my folks every now and then.

The analog print is still called for. Even more so the older/less digital we get., I think.

Do you stick to 100% digital, or make prints as well?