Hello fellow ex-flickronian and everybody else!.
I started using flickr in 2007, and put a lot of time, love and attention to it.
It worked very well for me.
Not overly fancy or advanced, just the right content and tools to make it easy to use and clear to see.
Come the dreaded "upgrade", and I immediately saw it was not for me. I remember I was on flickr, old way, then next thing I know, it was all completely different. I was refreshing, reloading, whatever came to my mind to do. The change was definitive.
Long story short, the new flickr is absolutely not for me.
Yahoo wants to get into "this service paid for by ads" rather than genuine photographers. So the new users are actually the advertisers. The old users are, well, consumers of said advertized stuff.
Photos are secondary at best.
Leaving a loved site after 6 years includes a bit of grieving. It's a loss. Hard to deal with in the beginning, but it'll be all right over time.
Thanks goes to ipernity for being here, hopefully for a long time.
And thanks to all new friends here. It's good, not to be alone....