I am completely in love with my most recent camera, a Fujifilm X20. I might have loved it just for its retro looks but, realistically, it needed to be useful too. And it is. It is not my primary camera but it is one I want with me. The limitations of a 4x zoom require thought and application but, when it is the camera for the moment, it takes wonderful photographs. Typically of today's mid- to upper-price cameras and although a compact, it has remarkable capabilities. I have already tried partial colour and shall try other functions on shots I have time to plan. A version with an articulated screen would be useful but might detract from the retro appearance. I don't like the optical viewfinder. Perhaps I am too much of the modern age (although I am quite old) but I simply don't see why I should peer into an offset viewfinder in which, incidentally, I can see the lens barrel, when there is a perfectly good screen (for most lighting conditions) on the back. That is a minor consideration in a camera that just 'feels' right. I love it.