I arrived here in the migration of the disgruntled from Flickr in search of a place where I don't have to view my photographs on a black background. I am mostly content but still have to move from refugee status to citizen. The fact that the slower pace of life on ipernity reflects the better parts of old Flickr does not mean that it is perfect. For someone who produces a lot of images, something with the capabilities of Flickr's 'new' uploadr would be useful. Interaction with the map could also be improved but with the caution that ipernity's current inadequacies at least mean they do not have the ridiculously inaccurate database of their competitor. Shortcomings notwithstanding, I have found only one bug so far. Many of my file names contain an underscore which seems to get stripped on upload and has to be reinstated.

The relative simplicity of ipernity requires a measured approach to uploading. I intend to produce some new sets (albums) as well as some very similar to my Flickr posts. I shall concentrate on new images but gradually, very gradually, add appropriate content from my files and which has already been shared on the wounded Flickr. I am hoping that groups will flourish; I am missing the interaction. However, it is early days and I think I am just about ready to rock and roll.